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Rorkes Drift VC
Website dedicated to the victoria cross winners from rorke's drift, 1879

Battlefields Ladysmith
Battlefields Ladysmith

The Anglo-Boer War museum
The anglo boer war museum in bloemfontein, south africa, gives the visitor insight into one of the most significant events in the history of south africa - the anglo boer war of 1899-1902 - through it's unique art collection, dioramas and exhibits.

The Anglo-Zulu War 2
A history of the anglo-zulu war by ian knight- loads of photographs and multimedia

The Anglo-Zulu War Society
Anglo zulu war historical society provides information on rorkes drift, rorkes' drift, rorke's drift, isandlwana, prince imperial, david rattray, fugitives drift and zululand, victorian campaigns and battles,
Zulu war fine art prints depicting rorke's drift, isandhlwana, ulundi during the zulu war. rorke's drift art prints by alphonse de neuville, mark churms and brian palmer. original paintings are available from cranston fine arts.

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